“My family receives food stamps every month but what we get is not enough to last us through the whole month. This puts a stress on me. One day we walked by and saw the church and decided to stop by. Since then, the Caring Ministry has been a place that always helps me when I need food so that we can make it through the month. Thank you for helping me. If it wasn’t for the Caring Ministry my little family and I would probably be without food.” – Nicole
My name is Fanny, I am a single mother and have two children and I am the only person working in the House. I came to the Caring Ministry through the CAP program, and through this ministry I met Derlyn, a person with a great sense of support to the neighbors and is always showing much love. The help provided through CAP was quick and effective and has allowed me to resolve my situation and am so thankful to God to have a little bit of stability. Also, the monthly food program is helping my family greatly. May God bless the Caring Ministry all for helping people like me to have a better quality of life.  – Fanny